Welcome to My New Blog Home!

Well I finally decided to do it. After a few years of blogging on various networks and thinking about registering my own domain, I finally went through with the idea Saturday and began the process of moving my blogging endeavors here. Oh, I thought about a fancy name for the blog but nothing really stood out. Many of my blogging friends like Ben Arment and John Atkinson simply host their blogs under their names so I figured why not?

I then decided on a clean, stripped down, professional looking theme for the blog. I didn’t want many bells or whistles on it since most everyone I know reads my blogging through their respective feed readers. I use Google Reader and rarely visit a blog site unless I’m going there to comment on something that’s been written. On that note, please take a moment to subscribe to the blog feed by clicking on the RSS logo at right. I’d like to keep up to date on where all of my readers are coming from.

To my friends who stop by, thanks for switching over here with me. I will not be going anywhere else. I do have another blog that I intend to keep up with that deals specifically with the church plant I’m establishing here in Denver, Colorado but this blog is my main site for my writing and networking with others. I’m amazed at the friends I’ve made by blogging and look forward to increasing that list now that I’m at my very own site. Now that I’ve taken this all important step, I should be posting content more regularly than I have in the past. If you have any additional pointers for me, feel free to comment below and let me know!

Here’s to more fruitful blogging!

Welcome to My New Blog Home!

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