Paper Based Productivity

Are you looking for a way to get better organized but are not fond of the latest tech gadgets? Perhaps you’ve been using a variety of methods to stay organized but that pile of scrap paper in your pocket just keeps increasing. I’ve been there. I use some tech gear but really, when I want to remember something, the best way is to write it down but what’s the best way to file it? There are many different ways and no shortage of web sites willing to help. Today, I want to share one of those with you that I think is quite helpful and provides a system you might just want to try.

It’s called “GTD+R” and its inventor is a man by the name of Kenji Ohta (seen below). Ohta’s system is based off the best selling book “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. The “+R” part of the system includes the “Rhodia” paper pads that Ohta uses to manage his system. In short, you use a notepad to write down your tasks, file them in “pockets” and then keep a daily “pocket” with you with the tasks you’ve included for the day. The pocket has a back side that’s labeled “inbox” for you to use to write down any tasks that come to you during the day. It’s not all that complex and Ohta’s site gives you the templates you need to print out to get started using the system today.

One thing I like about Ohta’s site is that it’s to the point, descriptive, and easy to navigate. Ohta includes all templates, instructional videos, and a complete user’s guide all available for a free download. I appreciate his willingness to share. A quick search of the web will bring up links showing Ohta using his system in seminars in his native Japan. I watched a Japanese slide show he put together introducing the system to others. GTD+R has enough structure to keep you organized but it’s simple enough that anyone can pick it up within a few minutes or trying it out.

I’m a personal fan of the Rhodia notebooks Ohta uses and that’s how I found his site in the first place. I drive to Boulder to pick these up in bulk since no other office store carries them in Denver. However, you can use any notebook you like. The important thing is to write stuff down as it comes to you so you don’t have to remember it later.

If you are interested in trying out Ohta’s system, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. It’s a good way to keep things in the forefront of your mind so you can be more productive and have more time for friends and family. Try it and let me know if it works for you.

Paper Based Productivity

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