Being Productive With Just A Sheet Of Paper

When PDA’s were all the rage several years ago, I never could quite get into having one. Oh, I thought the idea was cool but they were just too pricey and the idea of carrying it around gave me nightmares about dropping it, getting it wet, or misplacing it. I finally relented a few years ago when a friend of mine gave me his old black and white PALM but I only used it for a few months before deciding to sell it on Craig’s List for $35.

Managing information doesn’t have to be so labor intensive. Take, for example, the simplicity offered by the “PocketMod” organizer.

The PocketMod is an organizer that is prepared with a single sheet of paper. A little folding and cutting is required (An instructional video on the site gets you started) but after a few times, you won’t need those anymore.

You can create the pages that you need most at their site or even take it a step farther and custom design templates (I’ve never done that) if you wish. The process is simple. Go to the site and enter the template area. From there, pick out what you need from their drag and drop menus. Organize the pages in any order you wish and then print it out, fold it, cut it, and you’re done. The process takes a few minutes at the beginning and seconds each day if you use one daily. Templates include the standard calendars, weekly notes, daily plans, eating plans, checkbook register, and appointment calendars. Other templates includes games like dots, sudoku, and tic-tac-toe while still others are designed for goal setting. You can craft them however you wish. I will warn you though, it does get addictive trying to find the perfect mix.

With a PocketMod, you can have a disposable, take-it-with-you, planner that you can easily transfer information from into your digital tools during the day. If you lose it, no big deal. If you drop it or get it wet, who cares! You don’t have to worry about sitting on it. Just stuff it in your pocket and get on with your day.

Who would have thought that a single piece of paper could be so efficient!


Being Productive With Just A Sheet Of Paper

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