Growing As A Leader

A Solid Resource
A Solid Resource

Do you have an intentional plan to grow as a leader in the coming year? As the summer winds down and fall comes upon us in a few weeks now is a great time to consider this question. A year ago, I purchased the “One Year Personal Growth Plan” resource from the Church Leader Insights website. For many in business and ministry, the fiscal calendar begins with back to school. My own personal planning runs from September 1-to-August 31 each year. I usually take the month of August to begin planning goals, ideas, big-days, and special events for our church family. Last year, I added the practices from this resource to my calendar. I listened to this resource again earlier this month and set in motion my plans to continue growing in the 2008-09 year.

This audio training, running about 70 minutes, features Nelson Searcy and Roy Mansfield from the “Journey” church in New York. In that time, they share with you a complete system of growth for the next 12 months. They do this in four areas: Annually, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily. All four areas are important and in each, Searcy and Mansfield give you tips for incorporating growth strategies into your year.

Personal growth may sound a bit egotistical but it’s not. I believe that as a leader, I must continue to grow each year if I expect God to grow our church. It’s no accident that healthy churches have excellent leaders and those leaders didn’t develop their skills by chance. They came as a result of a focused effort to improve. This resource gives you the tools to do just that.

You can download this training for $20 from the Church Leader Insights online store. I do not work for them nor do I benefit in any way if you purchase this. I do believe in passing along great tools and this is one of them. Get this now so you can listen and plan over the next few weeks to grow as a leader in the year ahead. I’d like to connect with anyone who has used this and find out how it’s helped them. As always, you can comment below.

Growing As A Leader

4 thoughts on “Growing As A Leader

  1. martyschmidt says:

    I set aside August to tackle this subject matter and have felt stuck since the first of the month. Thanks for the resource plug – I’m getting this today!

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