A Great Resource

ESV Study Bible
ESV Study Bible

Those who know me know that my bible of preference when teaching or preaching is the English Standard Version.   I use different translations in my study but if I had to pick one, the ESV would be it.  I am quite excited about the upcoming release of the new ESV Study Bible.  I’ve been hearing about this study bible for two years now and have been impressed with the pre-publication reviews of this resource.  The publishers of the ESV, Crossway, recently released it’s own blog, youtube video, and a full PDF preview of the book of Jonah to help promote this edition of the scriptures.  From all accounts, it looks like this will be a fine study bible.  I plan on buying copies of it for those on my staff who preach as a year end gift.

The ESV comes in some great editions and most are available online.  The “Literary Study Bible” released last year is available as a digital resource for a very reasonable one-time price.  The new study bible, to be released in October, will be available at no cost online for purchasers of the text edition.  I’ve used the Literary notes extensively in my research and the online study helps offered by third party vendors with permission from Crossway make available many fine commentaries and study notes.  I have no reason to believe the online edition of the ESV study bible will be anything less than five-star.

All in all, this will be a standard for study bibles in the future.  The beautiful illustrations, full notes, and single column readability will rival any others I’ve used.  The quality bindings available will also make it last so your investment will be worth it.  As this text’s popularity grows, more materials are being made available for it.  One that I highly recommend comes from a pastor I admire greatly, Randy Sawyer.  HIs “Regaining Balance” book is a wonderful devotional that you could use for a sermon series or an entire church campaign.  Of course, if you just want to use it for your own personal quiet time, it’s excellent for that as well and it uses the ESV text as it’s base for the devotions.  Okay, shameless plug for the book over now!

When I receive my copy of the ESV study bible, I’ll give you a full review here  but from what I’ve seen in the PDF previews released, you’ll want to put this one on your Christmas wish list if you’re in the market for a new bible.

A Great Resource

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