Resource Review: “Time Management for Busy Pastors”

Nelson Searcy and the group at Church Leader Insights have put together a nice resource for pastors feeling stressed and disorganized.  Let’s face it.  When you don’t punch a time clock and your ministry is 24/7, you need a way to bring some order to your life.  Enter “Time Management for Busy Pastors”.  In this resource, Searcy gives you 35 tips for improved productivity.  I listened to this in one sitting at my local coffee shop.  The resource comes packaged on 3 CD’s or you can download it directly from the CLI site.  I chose to purchase the set since I wanted to loan it out to my leaders in the church.  Two CD’s are audio files only and cover the 35 time management tips mentioned by Searcy.  The other CD contains bonus audio files and several PDF files of Time Management articles designed to help you become a better manager of your time.

Searcy mentions at the beginning of the presentation that he is bringing together the best of the tips he has learned over the years and he does so within a pastoral context.  As I was listening, it was obvious to me that Searcy has read many of the same authors I had as tips from Steven Covey, David Allen, and Brian Tracy were featured along with some others.  All in all, I was pleased with the presentation.  This is an easy listen for your leaders who might be so stressed out now, the only way they CAN learn is to listen to a CD or MP3 audio file.  This along with CLI’s “One Year Personal Growth Plan” I reviewed earlier this month would make a nice gift for your pastor or to add to your church’s resource library.

Personally, I’m always on the lookout for resources like this that can reinforce what I’ve learned or give me new insights.  If you’re looking to add more hours to your day and be more productive, pick up a copy of this resource from Church Leader Insights and Nelson Searcy.

Resource Review: “Time Management for Busy Pastors”

5 thoughts on “Resource Review: “Time Management for Busy Pastors”

  1. Thanks for the review, I was debating buying buying it for my pastor but even at half price ($49) it’s still very expensive. My question is does he bring anything new to the table that can’t be picked up for free or cheap by reading some of the books you mention

  2. Rob in Madrid says:

    Scott, thanks for emailing just responded. Josh his printed books are good (and much much cheaper) but his website is right down cheesy. You’d be better off buying his books from amazon.

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