Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day to my readers. For many, the labor doesn’t really end as workers in many service fields are on the job today.  My children are home from school and enjoying the last gasp of summer before the leaves turn color and the fall season hits us in the next few weeks.  This time of year is one of my favorites as the cold snaps refresh you in the early morning and the mild weather of the mid-day keeps you comfortable without having to constantly run the furnace or the air conditioning.

For me, a good cup of coffee and some quiet time with the Lord while I walk in the cool mornings keeps me refreshed and satisfied.  It’s hard sometimes to stay focused, especially this year.  The church plant I pastor is preparing to move into a storefront in the next month.  We have spent our summer busily preparing for the fall but the city we are locating in has had a thing or two to say about how fast we move.  I never would have dreamed the land mines I’ve had to traverse while dealing with city officials on everything from parking spaces, air flow, bathrooms, drinking water, and lighting.  It’s amazing the stones that have been put in our path at times and the money it takes to correct each problem that’s found is crazy.  For me, it has been a learning experience in patience and grace.  Patience because I thought we’d be closer to being in the spot by now and grace because each time I receive a phone call from the city, I have to remember I’m representing the Lord in all of this and I need to be a good servant.  Others have been through this and have given good advice but still, when you plan for something for months (We started this process in April), it can get discouraging not only for your own self but for the people you lead.  So far, our folks have taken this quite well but they really want to be in the place by October. It is my hope and expectation that we can make that happen.

This is also a good time to reflect on the past twelve months and prepare for another season of ministry (or business, etc.).  As I’ve stated before, I like to plan my years from September to August and usually, we have a large kickoff of some sort for the fall season but this year, given the move, we will hold off.  I’m already planning for the Christmas season and the coming Easter holiday in the spring.  Expectations are climbing for our future and I think once we are inside our new place, we can really put some legs to that.

For now though, we plan.  Plan to rebuild our new location with new doors, cleaned carpet and freshly painted walls.  A new stage will be built and our sound system should be tremendous inside this new site.  My worship leader is preparing to welcome new band members we are praying for and I have some new sermon series to consider.

If you are so inclined, would you please pray for us in these areas? I could use all the prayer I can get.  Pray for the coming fall harvest.  Pray that we see new families come to faith in Christ.  Pray for our permits.  Pray that our people stay in good spirits as we make the move.

Have a blessed holiday today. Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Labor Day!

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