Spiritual Fulfillment – Part Three

Prayer.  Talking to God.  Communicating with the creator of the universe.  However you define it, it’s another of those basics that we can sometimes shun in favor of staying busy.  When I was a new Christian, I used to marvel at the guys who could pray in fancy words and even King James English!  I used to think I’d never measure up to that.  I then realized that prayer is not about any of those things but it’s more about just talking to God.  For years, I couldn’t quite get this down but one day, I was listening to a Christian music artist, Mylon LeFevre, talk about his own struggles with prayer.  I was in my early 20’s and to hear this 40-something rocker share his journey in prayer was something that forever changed and shaped me to focus more on my attitude in prayer than in my words themselves.  What did LeFevre say that was so profound?  Not much really.  He was just honest that he had to learn (as did I) that you should talk to God like you’re calling on your best friend and that in time, the voices are known and you’re comfortable just sharing everything in your life with God.  It sounds a bit basic but really, for a guy caught up in thinking I had to really drive home some big theological words and maximize my vocabulary when talking to the almighty, it was refreshingly releasing to remove the weight I had put upon myself in prayer and just leave it in the aisle that night at the concert.  From there, my prayer life became more of a walk.  I began walking my neighborhood and talking to God in my everyday prose and NOT in the King’s English anymore.

As I’ve gotten older (I’m now the 40-something guy!) my prayer language hasn’t changed.  My life with Christ has deepened and the requests are different now that I’m in a different phase of my life but God knows my heart, He knows my voice, and most importantly, He knows my needs.  He will hear me when I pray and in my solitude and meditative times, He will speak to me in ways I never could have imagined.  He is a joyous God who loves His children.  Spending time with Him in prayer is like lying down in a lush meadow with the sun breaking through the trees and the cool breeze blowing flush upon my cheek.  I feel His presence as I speak.  His calming arms around my shoulders assuring me all is well.  His gracious smile and joyous laughter ring out in my spirit when I share my concerns about my ministry.  He cares, but he always wants me to enjoy my life and the ministry He’s called me to.  It’s my own worrying that robs me of that.  It’s my selfishness that thinks I can control the situation.  But it’s His holiness that allows me to see that He is in complete control and while I must be a hard worker, the results are His and His alone.  That applies to my life and the lives of my wife and children that I am called to minister to first.

My prayer journey is still expanding and growing.  I love the biblical character of Enoch in the Old Testament.  He walked with God every day until one day, God just took him home.  I believe he said to Enoch, “You know, these times are so good, why don’t you just come home with me now and we can do this even more?”  My prayer is that my walks with God are as fulfilling to me as they were and still are to Enoch this day.  This does not happen though unless we are diligent to protect our schedules and allow ourselves the time to do this.  At first, it may seem a bit difficult but over time, it becomes easier and easier as God’s voice becomes more and more known to us and ours to His and He sees our desire to walk with Him each day and make time for Him to minister to us personally.  That’s the awesome gift we have as His child.

So in review, how are you doing in the areas of quiet time, daily bible reading, and daily prayer?  Are you doing these from a heart of overflowing or are they checkmarks on your day planner?  Can you improve in these areas?  What steps will you take to make this happen?  What can you write down right now to ensure you will take action on what God is saying to you right now about these disciplines?  My prayer is that each of us will grow stronger, serve even better, and have an even greater walk with the God we serve today.  Be blessed!

Spiritual Fulfillment – Part Three

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