Book Review – “Flight Plan” by Brian Tracy

At first glance, I wasn’t sure if “Flight Plan” by Brian Tracy was a book I would be able to start and finish.  I’ve read many good books on goal setting, achievement, & planning.  I wasn’t sure if I would find much new here but I enjoyed this book.  I elected to use the unabridged audio book while I exercised and finished it in just a few days (it’s a 3 CD book meaning it’s not too lengthy).  Tracy packs a lot of good suggestions and a step by step plan for achieving your goals into a brief read (or listen).

The meat of the book is found at the beginning as Tracy explains the “Flight Plan” metaphor.  In short, you prepare for your goals like an airline flight, planning ahead, charting your course, and taking off.  In the early sections, Tracy outlines several steps for planning your goals and making a written plan (your “Flight Plan”) to achieve them.  The rest of the chapters cover valuable material that prepares you for the inevitable as you begin your journey.  With titles like “Take Off at Full Throttle” and “Plan for Turbulence”, Tracy shares stories of problems and solution skills that are necessary for success.

As with most of Tracy’s works, plenty of quotes; historical references, and real-life stories dot the landscape as your listen (or read) and prepare your own plan for achievement.  Tracy himself voiced the audio book and comes across in the audio version as the helpful Father ready with a word of encouragement as you go through the material.  It was easy listening and I found myself finishing much quicker than I thought.  Since most of the audio books these days are seven CD’s on average, this brief resource covers a lot without adding a lot of fluff.

As a pastor, there’s much here to apply to my own situation.  While Tracy clearly aims at the business market, all of the principles here can be modified to apply to ministry.  If you’re in a secular business, the plan shared is one that could take you out of rut and challenge you, especially if you’ve not listened to (or read) much material like this.  I would recommend it as a good pick-me-up to my friends in business to help them get a jump start on their goals.

“Flight Plan” connects at the level it was intended.  I think if you’re looking for a fresh perspective on goal setting, planning, and achievement, this is a resource that you will benefit from and enjoy!

Book Review – “Flight Plan” by Brian Tracy

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