Early Mornings With God

I love fall weather.  Here in Denver, the mornings are finally starting to be chilly.  I actually like it because the bite in the air wakes me easier and it energizes my senses.  

For me, early fall mornings are made for a hot cup of coffee, a long sleeve shirt, and my dog going with me for a walk.  The feel of the cold morning air against my face is refreshing.  I can open up my mind to spend some time with God as I walk.

The Lord and I share some good times here.  As I approach a nature trail close to my house, Buddy (My Catahoula dog) wants to romp a bit and explore the terrain as rabbits, prarie dogs, foxes, and other wildlife scurry to avoid his advancing gallop.  I can stop at a slow moving stream of water nestled in this collection of homes near my residence.  There, as the dog plays, I pray through my thoughts for the day.  There’s so much to do.  So many things to accomplish.  As a church planter, there’s pressures to raise more money, get more people in the door, and prepare fresh sermons each week.  For now, I give those to God and ask his hand on each.  I thank him for my wife of nearly 21 years.  For my children.  Each unique and different.  None perfect.  Each with a special call on their lives.  I ask God to watch them.  To give them strength.  I thank Him for my health.  I’m overweight and am trying to lose but I’m thankful for another day to get up and walk.  I thank him for all the supporters I have across the country and in my great home state of Missouri.  

Before my Amens, I sit quietly and hear the birds stir.  The rustling of the branches overhead brings a few leaves gently into the water. The effect slighly ripples the water as insects nearby scatter to avoid capture by the birds watching closely.  The wind carries with it a somber mood this day.  I have some families battling some spiritual issues and it weighs on me.  God allows me peace in the sighs of the breeze.  All too soon, I notice my dog has cornered a prarie dog in its hole.  Just as quickly, another pops up a few yards away and he chases it down.  Just as he does, the one he cornered previously pops his head up to check to see if all is clear.  My dog is frustrated now, his paw too big to drop into the small hole.  He whines, barks, and then decides to relieve himself on the plant next to it.  As I laugh, I feel God put his arm around me and I can almost hear a heartier laugh than mine as we consider the plight of my pet.  “All is well son,” He says.  “I am in control.  Just enjoy these days because all too soon, they will be gone.”  I hand my thoughts and fears to Him and He graciously takes them under His arm.  He gives me a good hard hug and then, I’m on my way back again.  

With coffee cup in hand, I make my way back up the street and into my home where the silence is just being broken by the kids’ awakening for school.  I have just enough time to shower and get dressed before I drop them off and start another day.  I can’t imagine what others who have no relationship with God do to jump start their days.  Without this little bit of time, I’m spent by mid-morning.  But just this little investment pays big dividends because I know in a little while, I get to hear from Him again when I study His word for my daily devotions.

Perhaps for some, (like my wife) this time comes at night when the kids are in bed and your spouse is fast asleep.  What great priviledge we are given by being able to meet with God day or night, to be strengthened by His hand, and to be equipped to do whatever it is he’s called us to.
It’s times like these that I reflect and thank God for saving me.  He’s a wonderful counselor, mighty God, and a great walking companion!

Have a great day today and thanks for stopping by!

Early Mornings With God

One thought on “Early Mornings With God

  1. martyschmidt says:

    I needed to read this today. You should know that this sparked something in me. Thanks! Now I’m off to get some more coffee.

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