Are You “Fully Engaged?”

I’ve been making my way through the unabridged audio book “The Power of Full Engagement” as I work out each day.  I’ll post a full review later but the early chapters of the book present a principle I had considered briefly after reading a similar theory in the book “Forget The Seven Habits And Break All The Rules” by Trapper and Mark Woods.  That is, are we managing our energy so that we can by “fully engaged” or productive?  The main thought behind this is we all have portions of our day when we are more alive and alert than at others.  Do we know how to manage those times in  our overall management of our days so that we can the most done with maximum efficiency and thus, reduce stress?  

I’ve felt tired and run down at times.  Still, I would force myself to try to achieve more and more when my attentiveness might be waning.  Part of this has been my lack of physical activity which I’ve tried to remedy lately but some of it also has to do with not managing my energy properly.  In the past, I’ve always managed time but we also need to manage energy as well.  When we can manage our energy within the context of managing time in a day, we then will know when to schedule certain activities that compliment our own unique biorythyms.  When I schedule things on 24/7 Work Life Planner, I can manage my energy stores knowing that I will get the best energy flow for the various events in my day.

Just as important as managing these energy flows is the concept of rest and recuperate.  If I’m doing work at my computer one day, I try to break every 48 minutes or so to take a brief walk, rest, and recoup some energy.  When I do this, I find I can get the tedious computer work done in a much more rapid fashion than if I had tried to bulldoze straight through.  Headaches are less, tension is reduced, and overall my energy feels more productive.

Start today by keeping a log of when you’re at your most potent energy wise.  For me, that time is early to mid morning.  I go to bed a bit earlier than I did a few years ago and I rise before anyone else in my house.  I get more done before 10:30 than I used to by one or two o’ clock a few years ago.  I’m more effective, in better spirits, and more alert by the end of the day by learning this simple life hack.  You will find your “sweet” spot by monitoring too and then, feel free to drop me a line to share your thoughts.

Have a great day!

Are You “Fully Engaged?”

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