Book Review: “Grasping God’s Word”

If you enjoy occasionally adding new bible study resources into your library, let me suggest one: “Grasping God’s Word” by J. Scott Duvall and J. Daniel Hays.  I recently completed a college class on biblical interpretation and this was one of the texts required for the class.  Usually, I sell my books back when I’m done with the class but this is one I will keep and use again.

We all have favorites when it comes to bible study, preaching, teaching, and devotional time.  Grasping God’s Word is written for the bible student and would be considered an intermediate level textbook by college professors.  I felt there was a lot of good stuff here that many of my preaching friends could wrap their arms around.

The authors begin with a brief synopsis of their method of bible study called “The Interpretive Journey”.  It’s a four step plan that’s fleshed out in the subsequent chapters and added to when the subject of the Old Testament is discussed.  Without being too tedious, the authors call for a return to solid biblical exposition when studying a text to derive it’s full intended meaning.  Using their “journey” metaphor makes the steps easy.  There are other techniques discussed here but they all tie back in to the easy to remember steps that the authors share in the beginning of the book.

As much as I study scripture for my sermons each week, this process was a refreshing reminder of my need to be faithful in my studies.  If we’re not careful, we can stop growing and go stale no matter our profession or passion.

I give Grasping God’s Word a thumbs up for anyone wanting to learn more about God’s precious words to all of us.

Book Review: “Grasping God’s Word”

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