Book Review: “The Power of Full Engagement”

I just finished the audio book “The Power of Full Engagement” while I was out walking yesterday.  I have had this book on my reading list for some time but only recently found an audio copy I could listen to while I exercised.  It had come highly recommended by blogger/pastor Nelson Searcy and some local friends of mine here in Denver. 

The main idea behind the book is learning how to manage our energy to maximize our performance.  It’s not that time management in itself is bad but if that is the only thing you do to achieve your tasks, you will find yourself falling short many days.  Why?  Because your bio-rhythyms tend to ebb and flow and you’re more productive during certain hours, more mentally alert at others, or perhaps you have a combination of both at others.  Learning these rhythyms and building routines around them is one of the keys to maximizing your performance without feeling burned out all the time.

The authors here present energy balance in four key areas of our lives.  Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.  To be “fully engaged”, you must learn to balance these four areas properly.  Balancing only one or two of them may lead to short term successes but in the end, you’ll flatline and suffer on others.  The book begins with a breakdown of each of these four areas and then proceeds to case studies with individuals and how they made changes to help themselves.  The second half of the book is the application section giving you the tools to make changes, introduce routines, and set goals to properly engage all four areas of your life.  I think all four areas are worthy of further discussion so I will spend next week looking at each one Monday through Thursday.  If you’ve read the book, feel free to comment and give me your thoughts.

Overall, this is a book worth reading (or listening to).  The concepts have been shared before in various books but I’ve not seen them all in one place like I have here.  I think you will benefit from learning to manage the energy in your life so that you can get more done in less time and still have time to recover with family and friends.

Book Review: “The Power of Full Engagement”

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