Fully Engaged – Spiritually

The final area covered by the book “The Power of Full Engagement” is the aspect of our spiritual lives.  For many, this is an often overlooked aspect of our lives.  As a church pastor, I can tell you from first hand experience that many folks neglect this aspect of their lives as they climb the corporate ladder.

The authors cover the topic in broad terms and focus mostly on character issues.  For certain, we need to take some time to write down and clarify our values and build a worldview behind what we value and how that looks in our own lives.  As a Christian, my values stem from those in the Holy Bible and I do my best to live by God’s expectations for my life.  Here’s the pressure point: If you don’t have a personal integrity that drives you, what will you do when pressured to do otherwise in your work life?  It happens all the time.   Many times, I was asked to put one of my values on the shelf and compromise in my secular work life.  Once you do it one time, the next time is easier and before you know it, your values are gone.  Many times too your happiness will leave with it.

I don’t think anyone wants to be apathetic about their work.  We want to have a passion to do what we do or else, why do it?  When we begin to focus on what drives us spiritually, then we can find ways to integrate that passion into any job and find fulfillment in our day-to-day lives.  Having a purpose for our lives can drive us when nothing else will.  It’s an amazing aspect of who we are that makes us unique.  The key is to tap in to what drives you and then, go for it!  Find ways to bring that passion to others.

Another forgotten aspect of this area of our lives is our own self-care.  From time to time, our spiritual “muscles” need rest just like every other aspect of our energy.  For me, this comes in the form of daily prayer walks with God.  Both in talking AND listening!  It is where I can connect with my creator and rest and renew myself in His power.  Sometimes, I get away at night for a quick cup of coffee and just relax in a coffee shop for renewal.  Either way, I rebuild energy stores needed to work with others and be passionate in my service as a pastor.

Have you gotten lax in this area?  What things can you do to improve your spiritual muscles?

Fully Engaged – Spiritually

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