Book Review – The Celtic Way of Evangelism

If you are looking for the latest and greatest techniques to reach people for Christ,  “The Celtic Way of Evangelism” by Geoge C. Hunter may be a book you’ll overlook.  Don’t!  In a bookworld awash with every book for every need I used to get caught up trying to purchase the latest and greatest for my collection.  This slim little volume was released eight years years ago and was recommended to me by a pastor friend here in North Denver.

The book chronicles the journey of Patrick (Yes, that St. Patrick we celebrate every March) and his ministry to the Barbarians of foreign lands.  The premise behind Hunter’s work is that the ancient methods used to evangelize the people Patrick ministered to are very much relevant for today.  While the book spends a lot of time sharing historic ideals that were utilized in Patrick’s day, it winds it all up in the book’s seventh chapter with the application and approach for today’s churches.  The ideas have merit and have been praised by other church pastors I know.

When I first purchased this book a few years back, I was quite busy with several other projects so I just kind of skimmed its contents.  As the holidays approach, I plan on spending a bit more time with its ideas and concepts again to see how it relates not only to today but to me and my ministry specifically.

Has anyone else read this work?  Any thoughts you could share about what you gleaned from it?  I think it’s good to go back from time to time and re-read some of the old books in your collection.  Look over your notes and update them, see if the ideas you had then are the same as now.  This book is a quick and enjoyable read for the first time reader and easy to re-read as well.

Book Review – The Celtic Way of Evangelism

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