My New Love of Audio Books

Today’s post is driven by a comment made by my blogging friend Keith Fletcher who wondered about all the reading I do and how I get so much of it done.  As the title suggests, I get much more “reading” done now that I’ve acclimated myself to audio books.  For years, I resisted listening to them.  I didn’t like lugging around cassettes (back in the OLD days!) or CD’s since most books I listened to were anywhere from 5-7 CD’s long.   I love reading and still do.  I always have a book going that I’m actually reading but now, I have an audio book or two going as well.  I decided to give audio books another try once the price of MP3 players dropped in price.  The best purchase I’ve made is my Sansa Express player (seen at right) that I purchased at a Big Lots store.  I picked up the player for about $20 and it comes with 1 gigabyte of memory.  These go down in price because of newer models that play videos plus teens want ginormous amounts of memory for their music.  If you just want to listen to a few albums (Yes, I have music on there also) it’s excellent for that but the memory is perfect for audio books.

Recently, I expanded the player by picking up a 2 gigabyte micro SD memory card at my local Circuit City for another $20 and installing it as you see at left.  Now, for about $40, I have a 3 gigabyte player that holds several albums of music, and many audio books.

So now, I can purchase audio books or even borrow some from my local library and load them into this tiny little player.  When I’m walking on a treadmill, taking the dog out for a walk in the early morning, or even driving downtown in my car, I just plug this little machine in and listen to books I would never have the time to read.  Just since the fall season started, I’ve listened to three audio books and am on book number four.  When you walk on a treadmill for 30 minutes, you can get a lot of “reading” done during that time.  It’s another way for me to maximize my time and get more out of it without adding additional minutes to my day.

Between audio and print books, I am trying to read about 20-30 books a year now.  That’s a conservative goal but I don’t want to push myself at this point while I’m moving a church, parenting three kids (two teens), and visiting with new families.  Still, I find the audio books I’m listening to quite enjoyable.  The production quality invested in them now is much better than it was even 10-15 years ago.

So now you know how I do it Keith.  No big secrets, just multi-tasking while working out. 

Keith’s blog is worth checking out too.

My New Love of Audio Books

5 thoughts on “My New Love of Audio Books

  1. cubfann says:

    this is great. i love audio books – they totally allow me to “read” more than i would be able to by sitting down with a physical book.
    so look for Sticky Church next spring! 🙂

  2. Scott Cheatham says:

    cubfann (chris),

    I can’t wait! I ordered the text version this week for our church but will get the audio as well for our library!

  3. ez2listen2 says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m not a big music fan (outside of my new venture of learning to play the Native American Flute) but can’t seem to get enough audiobooks. EVER!!
    For that very reason, we are putting audiobooks on SD cards and listening to them on a low cost MP3 player.

    Mine goes to the beach with me, on the treadmill, and in my car as well. (I have a MP3 player that plugs into my lighter and plays through the FM radio). So, I can pull the SD card out of the MP3 and take it with me, put it in the car player, and it picks up right where I last left off. No more fumbling with those CS’s or tapes.

    Very cool… ez to use.

    I actually have my Dad (now 74) listening to audiobooks along with some of the old time radio shows on the SD card. This is a HUGE accomplishment.

    I was wondering, on the Sansa that is shown, what kind of bookmarking capabilty it has using the micro SD? Or are you using the Micro SD to transfer the books to your Sansa?


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