A Thought From “Sticky Church”

I recently received my copy of Larry Osbourne’s book “Sticky Church”.  I have a few books going right now but took time to read the opening chapter a few nights ago.  One thought that stuck with me was his use of the “soils” parable from Matthew 13.  I had never really thought of it from his perspective but he likened the response of each of the soils to how people get started in our churches.  In his conclusion he said: “Just because someone gets off to a great start, it doesn’t ensure they’ll stay strong” (not his exact words but my paraphrase).  In other words, we focus a lot on the decision but not on the journey towards maturity.  Many will get choked out or never let the seeds take root and blossom.

That’s a great thought.  He followed up by asking why so many focus on the former part and not the latter.  That is the subject theme of his book.  I’ve not gotten that far into the meat of the text, but I’ll post a full review once I’m done.

So what do you do to make your church “Sticky” where someone who comes in the front door doesn’t quickly make it to the back?  We know we will not retain everyone who visits but what steps can we take to increase our visitor retention?

More thoughts later.

A Thought From “Sticky Church”

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