Preaching Calendars

I’ve been spending the past few weeks organizing my preaching calendar for the upcoming year.  It’s hard to believe we are just weeks away from 2009 and another new year.  Usually in the late fall, I begin planning the next year’s sermon calendar.  How many of you who are preachers use preaching calendars?  Preaching calendars are nothing more than a document that helps you outline your message presentation for the time period of a year.  Since 2003, I’ve used preaching calendars to greatly reduce my stress and time wasted on planning messages.  It takes a little time to set up the calendar but once you do, you will wonder how you got along without it. 

Earlier this year, I reviewed a book by Stephen Rummage that I purchased several years ago and it has helped me greatly understand the need to use a preaching calendar and make this habit a permanent one.  I try to think ahead from fall to late summer but this year I’ve gotten behind with our pending church move to a storefront.  I started out years ago using paper and a binder but now, I store much of my material on Google Documents so that my worship leader can access it as well.  

I would like to collect others’ preaching calendars to see what we’re all doing.  If you’d like to send me a copy of your preaching calendar (if you use one), do so by sending it to “”.  I’ll send you my latest copy in return.  I’d just like to see if there’s better ideas than what I’m using to prepare this.

Preaching Calendars

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