Ministry Reality Checks

I’m playing catch up with my writing today and that’s a good thing.  Yesterday, I spent time at a hospital with a family that needed me.  Yes, I know they didn’t really need ME but they needed a visit from the person who represents Jesus every Sunday morning to them.  More to the point, they needed Jesus’ presence.

I really believe that we need to encourage others to take the ministry banner and delegation is key if we’re to keep our heads straight and be able to minister effectively as pastors.  But there are times when a visit from the pastor HAS to happen despite our schedules and despite all the books that say otherwise.  We can’t just push off these things to small group leaders ALL the time.

I had scheduled my daily workout, some sermon prep, and a few other things that needed done ahead of time but I put that on the shelf for the day and focused my attention on a person who was scared, unsure, and needed the Lord’s comfort.  In fact, I parked several blocks from the hospital and walked which aided me in my missed workout.  The crisp breeze and the bustle of downtown Denver was quite refreshing and a nice change from the treadmill and staring into the gym I work out at.  During the surgery, I was able to bring my bible and NTSK books to a hospital cafe table and work on the message so really, I didn’t miss a thing.

In the end, I am blessed.  As we prayed, this person held my hand tightly; then, gave me a hug.  The reassurance that this person was being held in the loving arms of their Savior calmed their fears and made the transition to the operating table much easier.  The surgery went well by the way and this person will be home by next week.

Sometimes, in the quiet of a hospital waiting room, God slows our lives down enough to give us a reality check.  He is a good God isn’t He?

I’ll have my Friday link-o-rama posted later today!

Ministry Reality Checks

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