Monday Proflections

For those of you in the blogosphere, proflections is simply a new word for looking ahead.  I stole it from Nelson Searcy who uses it all the time.  No telling where he heard it first!

This week will be busy for us.  The church I pastor is moving to a storefront and we finally received our build permit after months of wrangling with the city.  Today, I begin the process of scheduling work for our signs, building walls, putting in bathroom and carpet tile, fixing carpet, and ordering stage equipment.  Much of the leg work for this has already been done but now it’s a matter of firming up dates, making sure things get done on time, and being positive on our planning for the next few weeks!

We’ve discussed preliminary plans for moving our worship time, adding a new small group after worship for our older church members, and setting up the logistics of a parking ministry so we can best utilize the space we have at our new site.  So many things to consider.  So much to do.  If my writing doesn’t seem as crisp, please give me grace as I juggle many things.  Pastor, Father, Husband, and Student!  God will give me the energy to see it through.  I just need to be a master organizer now more than ever.

It’s a great time to be a pastor.  God’s work is never complete and with the excitement of a new place, a new start, and fresh enthusiasm, I face forward with a smile on my face and joy in my heart.  I pray your week is as refreshing!

Monday Proflections

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