Book Review: “The One Life Solution”

I found Henry Cloud’s latest effort to be a solid informational book but one I had a hard time staying with.  I chose to listen to the audio book for “The One Life Solution” which is 5 CD’s long.  Not bad for a book with this much information.

Fans of Cloud’s earlier works will find many of his principles brought back in a system like format in “One Life”.  First, Cloud identifies many of the problems we face in corporate America.  He rightly identifies our technology advances as a huge liability if not managed properly.  Having 24 hour access to information through computers and cellphones makes us more likely to stress ourselves if we don’t bring some “boundaries” to our life (Sound familiar?)

In the succeeding chapters, Cloud sets out a system of problem, potential solutions, and desired outcome.  Learning to manage our outcomes and tweak the system for maximum achievement gives the system its life.

In one sense, this book will bring Cloud’s work to a new audience.  He is well known in the Christian market but has not been as mainstream as I felt he could be.  His book “Safe People” is a book that all pastors and business leaders should read.  I also purchased the unabridged audio book of “Making Small Groups Work” as a resource for our small group leaders to use to learn the psychological aspects of being a small group leader.  “The One Life Solution” is published by Harper Collins which is a secular publisher that owns the Zondervan label that Cloud’s work normally is published under.  For this reason, “One Life” is seeing shelf space in the business section at Barnes and Noble, Borders, and similar bookstores.  Usually, you find his stuff in the Christian section.  This alone will give Cloud greater pull in the secular market as well and that is a good thing!

I guess from having read his earlier works, my problem with staying with the audio book was that I had adapted many of his principles in similar ways to what he suggests here.  Still, if you’re a fan, you will like this.  For me, as a fan, it was just hard for me to listen when I had an idea of where he was going.

If you’ve never read any of his work, “The One Life Solution” will be a great book to read or listen to.  Harper Collins did the release right by making it available in book, ebook, and audio book format all within days of its release.  

If you’re looking to bring order amidst the chaos of everyday life, this book might be what you’re looking for.  I’d recommend checking it out at the library first to see if it’s for you before purchasing it.

Book Review: “The One Life Solution”

One thought on “Book Review: “The One Life Solution”

  1. martyschmidt says:

    This book was extremely insightful on a number of areas. I am still processing the work and will post my top 3 take aways. Thanks for the suggestion.

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