Reading Proflections

The holidays are a great time to catch up on some reading you’ve been putting off.  Yes I know Friday will be busy as can be for shoppers but I choose not to get caught up in the mess.  I’ve been purchasing gifts for the past few months and will pick a few items over the next few weeks leading up to the holiday but for me, sitting back and enjoying the decorations and reading some good books is a perfect way to relax and enjoy the holiday season.

So what am I reading these next few weeks?  Well, I’ve wanted to read some good material on prayer for a while so I’ve started with Calvin Miller’s latest work, “The Path of Celtic Prayer”.  So far, I’ve enjoyed this one.  Miller’s book looks at six areas of the prayer life of the Celts.

After that book, I’m going to read Eugene Peterson’s masterpiece on prayer called “Answering God”.  Long before “The Message” was written, Peterson was writing some phenomenal material.  This book dates back nearly 20 years (1989) and uses the Psalms as a prayer book.  I read this several years ago but books like this are worth reading again.

I’m hoping I’ll have time into the new year as well to finish the third book I have lined up and that is Richard Foster’s excellent tome on the subject titled “Prayer – Finding the Heart’s True Home”.  Most who of Foster know him for his best known work “Celebration of Discipline” but he has written other great books including this one.  I recently purchased the ebook for reading on my Sony Reader so this one may travel with me in January when I visit Missouri for a missions conference.  I’m hoping to be done with it before then but with moving our church plant to a storefront, it’s been a busy time for me.   

These three books teach a great deal about the subject of the discipline of prayer.  I can’t wait to dig into each one over the next few weeks and I know I’ll be stronger for it.  As our church launches in its new location, I’ve felt convicted to strengthen myself in this area and encourage deeper prayer in our congregation as we move forward.

Reading Proflections

2 thoughts on “Reading Proflections

  1. martyschmidt says:

    DUDE – You are deep when you are trying to unwind. I’m kicking back with Kid Ceo by Ed Young.

    Hope Turkey Day is refreshing for you.

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