Mortimer Adler Videos Found

Earlier this year, I had written a review of a book I have titled “The Little Guide to Your Well Read Life” by Steve Leveen.  In it, the author mentions a book by Mortimer Adler titled “How to Read a Book”.  The book was last updated over 30 years ago and is still considered a classic by book officianados.  Adler died in 2001 but shortly after producing the third edition of his book, he and co-author Charles Van Doren, produced a series of little known videos discussing “How to Read a Book”.  For years the videos were lost but recently they were found and “The Center for the Study of Great Ideas” has elected to produce them into a DVD and are offering it for sale in exchange for a $29.95 donation to the center.  (It is a non-profit organization).

I’ve placed my order and you can too by visiting their web site.  You can see a preview of one of the videos on the site.  For certain, these are for book lovers but even if you’ve always wanted to improve your reading, these videos will be great for an iPod generation that listens to things more than reads them.  Adler’s work is excellent and these videos compliment it.  Kudos to the center for making them available to the public!

Mortimer Adler Videos Found

2 thoughts on “Mortimer Adler Videos Found

  1. Dear Scott,

    Thank you kindly.

    When you order, i will send you a free pdf copy of Mortimer Adler’s Special 1966 Edition of How to Read a Book: A Guide to Reading the Great Books.

    Best regards,

    Max Weismann

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