What Do You Say…

…When someone asks you to speak a “pastoral” word over his family after a loved one died?  Such was the case this week.  Some friends of ours lost their 22 year old son/stepson in an auto accident.  The father has never really said much to me about spiritual things over the years but specifically asked for me to talk to his wife about their loss, which occurred the day before Thanksgiving.

I could write pages about this but suffice it to say I’m still stunned that God has given me such an awesome responsibility to speak on His behalf.  I’m just a man.  I haven’t lost a child yet so I can’t honestly say to this person I know how you must feel.  I can’t because it’s not real.  All I could do was pray with her and share scripture with her.  That was enough.  She was thankful and I felt less than what I should have I’m sure.

The week prior my mother’s best friend died of cancer.  While she was sick for a time her death came suddenly and unexpectedly for the family and my mother.  Again, I get a phone call from her wanting me to comfort from a distance.  Again, I felt inadequate.  About that same time, my wife had a long time customer (she cuts hair) come to her salon and inform her that her husband had died of cancer.  My wife cried with her as she finished her haircut and then followed her to her car to embrace her and pray with her.  She came home crying and telling me she couldn’t handle such pain and wondered how I could.  She ministered more to that woman than she knew.  I shared with her my own inadequacies over a cup of coffee.  We both thank God that He can use imperfect people to accomplish his mission.

If you are asked during this holiday season to speak a word of compassion to someone else, don’t shy away because you feel you can’t do it.  YOU MUST!  You might be the only voice God has for that person.  Trust me, he’ll give you the words to help with the healing.

Today, go to someone and be Jesus’ hands and feet.  Don’t think someone else will do it because they won’t.  If you’ve been called to it, then do it.  And give God the glory!

Until tomorrow…

What Do You Say…

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