Catching Up With The Walleteer!

Last week, I discussed my productivity tool of choice.  The Hipster PDA has worked well for me and I enjoy it’s ease of use.  I mentioned I would write about another variation on the Hipster on Friday but my schedule got tied up and I didn’t get a chance to write again until now.  So without further adieu, I would like to introduce you to a business card size planner for the micro-planner in us.

At right, you see the first in a series of business card templates designed by John Richardson at “Success Begins Today”.  Known as the “Walleteer”, these templates are designed in a number of different ways.  You can check them out for yourself by visiting John’s blog.  There’s a variety to pick and choose what you want, and then print them out easily on business card templates that are easy to find at any office supply store.  The templates are customizable so you can adapt them to your specific situation.

You have to really want to go micro for these to work for you.  Some have actually bound these cards together with a couple of small Circa/Rollabind rings.  The Levenger company sells them under the name “Micro PDA”.  The benefit is that the cards easily fit in your pants or jean pocket without being cumbersome.  I’ve used them for this purpose when I’ve taken a trip or need something smaller than the Hipster PDA when going out and about.  I’ve used a few different template sets over the years since I first discovered John’s site.

It’s obvious John enjoys these little devices.  They are perfectly designed for their use and if micro is something you want to consider, I would encourage you to check out John’s site and give these a whirl.  I think you’ll enjoy using the Walleteer.

Catching Up With The Walleteer!

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