My New Coffee Mug

While in Missouri for a business trip I had the chance to stop at my favorite fast food joint, White Castle!  If you’re not a White Castle addict, I understand.  It’s either a love or hate relationship with the place but for me, it’s about growing up in Illinois across the river from St. Louis.  White Castle has been around forever and there was always something cool about Dad bringing home a sackful of “belly bombers” for a special dinner treat.  As a teen, my friends and I hung out at the local White Castle in Fairview Heights, Illinois many late nights eating way too many burgers and paying for it the next day.

Each year I visit, I pick up a coffee mug from the Collinsville, Illinois shop.  White Castle changes the design from year to year and this year’s mug is at right.  The traditional logo in a blue stoneware mug that holds a good amount of java!  In talking with one of the workers, I found out that the same company that does Starbucks’ mugs did White Castle’s.  I quickly snapped one up and put it in my suitcase to take home to Denver the next day.  That and a sack of burgers to share with my Dad that night before bed.

Most everyone knows White Castle for their burgers but what many do not know is that White Castle actually makes a really good coffee for it’s morning and late night faithful.  While in Farmington, Missouri I stopped at the White Castle there for a breakfast sandwich and a cup of joe.  It’s a good medium roast blend that’s very smooth.  I asked about purchasing a bag to take home but was told the bag coffee is only sold in certain grocery stores and not in the actual restaurants.  From pictures I’ve seen from other fans, the coffee is pretty reasonable at about $5-$6 for a 12 ounce bag.  I can’t find it anywhere though so I guess I’ll have to keep looking.

Well, I just brew my favorite coffee and enjoy it in my new mug.  For me, I think it’s more about the memories than the mug.  I’ve begged the White Castle folks to build in Colorado but they keep saying no.  I guess I’ll have to wait until my trip to Nashville in a few weeks to get some more sliders to enjoy.  The frozen ones in the box can help get you through but nothing tastes like the ones made fresh in the restaurants.

Okay, all this writing has me hungry now.  Guess I’ll go heat up some frozen ones while I think about my Friday blog post!  Have a great day.

My New Coffee Mug

2 thoughts on “My New Coffee Mug

  1. milligfunk says:

    I grew up in Farmington, and I, too, used to hope my dad would bring home a bag of “belly bombs” when he was in St. Louis for business. As a grown-up, self-admitteded health food nut, it’s hard to believe I used to like those little burgers!

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