Politics and the Gospel

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As a Christian, I’ve been asked several times about my political leanings.  Vistors to my Facebook page recently asked me about my listing there which reads: “Conservative with Liberterian leanings”.  My answer is one that sometimes leaves people with more questions then answers. (more on that in a moment).  In the past few years, Christians have been subject to more criticism in the political arena than I can ever recall.  Liberal strategists try endlessly to put a litmus test on their rivals that includes issues like gay marriage and abortion in order to reduce a candidate’s overall appeal.  As they do, they warn of the dangers of being too close to the “radical right” Christians who they accuse of trying to control the Republican party.  Well for me, and this is where I get into trouble with some of my Christian friends, those things are a non-issue.  


You heard right.  While I do care about a man or woman candidate’s  stand on moral issues, I’ve never felt that a national political arena is the place for those issues to be debated, mandated, or even made to be a test of whether or not they are qualified to serve.  This week, I’ll spend some time talking about those issues and I invite you to give me your thoughts so we can dialog about the issues.  As a Christian and a Pastor, I take my calling very seriously and I believe moral issues in our society do matter but really, is the political arena the place to demand action on them?  Is there a better way?  I believe there is.  My Liberterian leanings come from the fact that I believe government should keep their nose out of a lot of things that they are increasingly injecting themselves into.  Gay marriage and abortion are just two of the issues they need to stay out of and let local bodies determine what’s right for them.  I can’t imagine our founding fathers really sacrificing for the republic to see it devolve into a nanny state like we have now.

I will discuss more on this during the week.  I do want to ask Christians reading this what they feel the better way might be to influence change?  I DO want Christian men and women serving in our government because I believe they will make good decisions that will benefit our nation.  But to fight about the moral issues of our day in government circles is pointless as we’ve seen over many years.  When government tried to outlaw alcohol at the turn of the 20th century did it REALLY bring about the results Christians wanted?  Absolutely not.  Only a heart change can do that.

Do you agree or disagree?  Let me know.

I’ll be back on Wednesday.

Politics and the Gospel

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