Book Review: The One Minute Bible Guide

Glaspeys Latest Book
Glaspey's Latest Book

One of my favorite authors has written a handy little guide to get people to start reading their bibles again (or maybe for the very first time!).  Terry Glaspey and Harvest House Publishers have hit a home run with their “One Minute Bible Guide”.  While this might be a little too light for pastors and very serious students of scripture, the “One Minute Bible Guide” is a great resource for the laymen just getting started in the habit of learning to use their bible.  In a few short pages, Glaspey lays out good reasons for beginning the daily habit of scripture reading, provides a great overview to the bible, and also presents a nice 90-day reading plan to cover all the major themes of the bible.  

Other features of this guide include short introductions to each book of the bible; quite handy once you start reading God’s Word book-by-book, famous quotations about scripture, and a reference of other works to help you in your spiritual growth.  The “One Minute Bible Guide” is a well written, to the point, reference book that can go with you as you take your bible to church, the coffee shop, work, or the park.  It’s small size makes it easy to transport and keep with you.  There isn’t a lot of fluff here due to the size so that makes the book that much better.

Glaspey’s works on C.S. Lewis, Prayer, and Great Books of the Christian Tradtion (still available used!) are some of my favorites.  When I worked in radio, I featured him several times on my talk show and he always impressed me with his solid scholarship and good humor.  He has definitely seen the need of a usable guide to the bible that’s not so deep as to scare off the average reader yet gives enough depth for this book to be profitable for a church that wants the bible to be front and center with it’s people.  I am currently looking into ways we can feature this work as part of our overall discipleship program at the church I now lead.

If you buy the book at your local bookstore, it’s only $5.99 so why not pick one up and check it out.  When you’re done with it, share it with a friend!  Bible reading today has reached epidemic lows, even among church going Christians.  If we are going to stem the tide of biblical illiteracy, we need to find ways to get the bible back in the hands of our people and actually help them READ IT!  Glaspey’s book will go a long way to helping in this endeavor.  I recommend it highly to you.

Book Review: The One Minute Bible Guide

3 thoughts on “Book Review: The One Minute Bible Guide

  1. “A 1-minute reply” 🙂
    I’m certain it is a good book. But I think titles such as “One minute [anything]” or “Learn [something] in a day” really illustrate how lazy we, Americans are at most things. Although any amount of reading Scripture is better than none (I suppose), it seems like it sets a bad precedence for the study of His Word.

    There are books for…
    one minute devotions (“One minute devotion for Girls” by Carolyn Larsen)
    one minute bibles (“NIV One Minute Bible” by B&H Publishing)
    one minute prayers (“One Minute Prayers for Those who hurt” by Harvest House Publishers)
    one minute praises (“One-minute praises” by Steve Miller)
    even one minute management (“The one minute manager” by Blanchard & Johnson)
    and on and on ad nauseum…

    It seems we, as a culture, are a bit busy or pre-occupied. But it would seem that the Creator of the heavens deserves more than 1 minute to learn about Him and to talk to Him and to praise Him.

    What do you think, Scott?

    God Bless,

    1. Scott Cheatham says:

      I agree Daniel. The book content is quite good but there’s really nothing in here that is truly “one minute”. The title itself was chosen by editors I’m sure. Selling books is the goal so they figured that kind of title would get attention. If I hadn’t seen it was written by Glaspey, I doubt I would have picked it up. But I know better what he writes and what his passions are.

      Excellent observation!

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