Review: Piccadilly’s “Sundial” Agenda

A Sample Page from the Sundial Agenda

The geek in me never stops when I see new designs in day-planners.  On Thursday I was shopping at my local Borders Bookstore when I ran across Piccadilly’s “Sundial Agenda” day planner.  Earlier this month, I shared with you my fondness for a 24/7 planner since my days do not end at 5pm.  The fact that this agenda used a simple sundial layout immediately caught my eye.    As you can see at left, the day is laid out in a “clockwork” style fashion.  You simply add your tasks at the bottom and your scheduled appointments around the dial.  There are bigger samples of this planner at the Piccadilly site so you can check it out for yourself if you like.

The planner itself is bound in a faux leather cover with silver foil stamping, measures 8.5 by 5.5 inches (classic size), and uses two pages per day (one for the morning hours and one for the afternoon/evening hours).  The planner comes with enough blank pages for more than a three month period of tracking your days.  The design looks professional and will definitely be different from that of your friends’ who use such tools.

The best part was the price.  I actually found this in the “bargain” section at Borders.  Like the Piccadilly notebooks which are clones of the higher priced Moleskine books, this journal was affordable at $6.99 which is cheaper than Piccadilly’s direct web site charges.  I picked up two at that price just to try them out.

I enjoy more abstract designs in tools like a planner.  I routinely mind map my projects and outcomes and a day planner which is intuitive like this one is ideal for the way I see my day.  For the price, this is a nice planner if traditional lined planners aren’t your cup of tea.  The cover and binding are good for the price paid.  I did see one of the journals with it’s cover split which could possibly happen with hard use but your going to be using a new one every three months or so anyway.  For $7, it’s a nice, professional looking cover that will compliment rather than take away from you.  It’s minimalist style is very appealing to me since I can craft my day any way I please.  There’s plenty of blank space for notes, phone numbers, and other small details that hit you each day.  After I’ve used it for a while, I’ll let you know my impressions then.  For now though, I like this planner and wanted to tip you off on where you could find one if you’re interested to check it out!

Review: Piccadilly’s “Sundial” Agenda

8 thoughts on “Review: Piccadilly’s “Sundial” Agenda

    1. Scott Cheatham says:


      Piccadilly took their active pics down a few months back so I had to swap it with this. The only pics they had for use were ones with a price on them that were cut off. That’s why I switched.

  1. Katie says:

    I love this agenda, but it wasn’t really practical for me as a day planner. To schedule my programs for work, I like to be able to see the entire month at a time without having to flip around. Plus, if I only had one thing to do on any given day, this layout would make me feel super unproductive.

    BUT, after seeing it at Half Price Books, I loved it so much that I went back and bought it to use as a journal!

    1. It’s definitely now for everyone Katie. I use mine to block out commitments as well such as my exercise, bible reading, and sermon prep time. Those are items for me that can get lost in the daily shuffle of being able to be a bit abstract in your day when you’re not working in a linear fashion as many pastor do not. I actually use the smaller MUJI chronotebook which is the same as the Piccadilly but is pocket sized. I usually put my time commitments down a week out and manage projects using other tools. Thanks for coming by the blog though!

  2. Mike Mahoney says:

    Hey, it’s Mike. This is actually the first time I’ve ever “blogged”. Sorry for my geek-a-tood.I have been looking for these “Sundial Agendas”, everywhere. No success. I got one about 8 mos. ago and have loved the concept. Any hints for me to get some of these bad boys?
    God Bless!

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