How to Fix Healthcare!

The debate over the U.S. healthcare system seems to grow by the day.  One has to wonder with an online document numbering in the thousands of pages that “breaks down” the proposed government system if anyone will understand what really is being said?

Leave it to Dan Roam, author of “The Back of the Napkin”, to simply explain things. (That was the crux of his book right?)  I wanted to point you to one of the best explanation’s I’ve read regarding this crisis and why we don’t need tons of paperwork to fix things…Here’s a quote:

There are probably about a hundred people in this country who really understand how health care works. I’m guessing that right now half of them are trying to change the system and half of them are trying to keep it the same. Let’s see if we can’t get more of us to understand the basics so we can decide for ourselves which is the better direction.

Read Dan’s four part series on this starting with part one by clicking here!

How to Fix Healthcare!

One thought on “How to Fix Healthcare!

  1. Thanks for the link. I just read it all and found it most informative.

    I think there must be more to the story, however, than is presented on the napkins.

    Those thousands of pages of proposed laws have a way of containing very bad provisions, which, as I’ve read controversial bills in the past at least, always seem to get hidden until it is too late for change. I, unlike our Congress and Senate critters, do know how to read, and I have a “bookmark” set on my computer which takes me right to those dreadfully long bills, and on occasion I have actually read them.

    The solution must include finding a practical way to have people live more healthy life styles. Getting the Gospel into the lives of more people might be a good way to get this started.

    So far, my health care dollar contributions have been a total waste, for I have never had to use a single one of them. I wish I could have all that money they took from me placed in my own account for my benefit should the need arise. They are still taking those dollars from me even in my retirement.

    Why not have a system that rewards healthy living, instead of our present system that subsidizes unhealthy living at the expense of folks like me who don’t smoke, don’t drink, sleep properly, eat right, and even get some semblance of exercising by walking in the nice country air!

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