My Plan for Personal Growth

You Must Have a Plan!
You Must Have a Plan!

Each year at this time, I sit down and begin to prepare for the year ahead.  I have long term goals that I plan for several years out but each year, as I look at those goals,  I begin the process of whittling them down to ones I want to achieve in the next 12 months.  This “Personal Growth” calendar/plan also includes some short-term goals that come along in my day-to-day life and then there’s the daily tasks we all must manage.

For certain, if we do not invest the time to plan ahead and make an “action” plan for our goals, we will NEVER achieve them.  Some goals are so big that we think they are unattainable but if we break them down into smaller pieces, we might be surprised what a year, three years, even five years might bring.  I’m living proof of that as I’ll share later.

The skills I want to share over the next few posts were ones I should have learned long ago.  I didn’t but tried to make up for lost time as best I can.  With my 43rd birthday looming on the horizon later this month, I know how precious time is.  I’ve learned a lot from several sources including books, audio resources, and other professionals to name just a few.  I’ve also put these skills to work in my own life as a pastor and they have been life changing.

I write a lot about time management skills but these are “life” management skills I will cover.  These skills work hand-in-hand with time management to help us bring about the life we want.  Now that doesn’t mean that everything will work out exactly as you plan it.  I’m living proof of that as well.  As a pastor, I know the “God” factor that plays a role in all of this.  God ultimately controls our destiny.  But he wants us to plan.  He wants us to be successful so we can be a blessing to others.

Starting tomorrow, I will share some practices and ideas I include in my own annual personal growth plan.  I might include that this plan is always a work in progress.  I’m constantly on the lookout for new ideas and strategies to make planning more effective.  What I share might be something you can really use or it might be something you need to adapt to your own special learning style.  Whatever it takes, YOU NEED A PLAN.  We need a target to shoot for if we are ever going to achieve our life goals.  It starts with you, a quiet place, a pencil/pen, and a notepad (at minimum).  Let’s begin the journey and share ideas tomorrow!

My Plan for Personal Growth

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