Book Review: “Zero To Sixty”

Bob Franquiz’s latest book “Zero to Sixty” is a primer for church leaders looking for ideas to help them in the minefield that is today’s ministry workplace. Franquiz leads a large church in Florida and is a prodigy of Bob Coy’s who also leads a large congregation in Florda. Coy’s church has been recognized as one of the fastest growing congregations in America by leading church publications and it’s obvious that Franquiz was a good study.

The thing I like about “Zero to Sixty” is that the book is applicable to any size ministry setting. Franquiz breaks the book down into four key strategic areas. These areas are: Leadership, Staffing, Ministry, and Personal Development. Under each heading, Franquiz lays out easy to digest, helpful ideas that you can use to avoid unnecessary pitfalls. In the early stages of my own church plant, I’ve hit several minefields that I could have avoided if I would have had this book. No book is going to keep you from having setbacks but I enjoy reading others’ comments from similar situations so I can at least minimize those times.

The book was an enjoyable read.  Some highlights were the chapter on “Frankenstein” churches.  These are churches that have no defined vision and a hybrid of just about any type of ministry to satisfy a few. Many church leaders I know fall into this trap and have to learn to say “no” to many things to keep the church focused. Tied in with that idea is the chapter on building a small group culture. This is something we are still working on at the church I lead but suffice it to say, you can’t have 150 things vying for people’s attention. Focus is the key. Another highlight for me were the chapters on personal growth. This is an area I’ve blogged about recently and a key area of concern for me as I try to develop new leaders.

In all, Franquiz delivers a helpful book with very usable ideas that you can adapt to your ministry setting. I highly recommend “Zero to Sixty”.

Book Review: “Zero To Sixty”

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