Book Review: Kingdomality

A Fun Idea!
A Fun Idea!

One of the most important skills anyone can learn is how to communicate effectively. One of the key components of this skill is learning how to craft your message to your listeners. Who are you speaking to? Do you know what type of person they are and what drives them? That’s what the book “Kingdomality” tries to solve. Author Sheldon Bowles with help from Richard and Susan Silvano has crafted a fun, entertaining way of looking at yourself and the people you communicate with.

The book features a fictional narrative of an out of sorts King whose kingdom is not operating so well. A wizard happens along to grant him a wish and the king asks for wisdom in leading his people. From there, the king is taken to another kingdom where he learns about the various guildhalls (base types) and the people who live in them (more precise types). The book groups twelve different personality types into the four guildhalls (three in each group) and the king learns about each by meeting the various types. Such titles as the “Black Knight”, “Dreamer-Minstrel”, “Doctor”, and “Scientist” make up the kingdom. A read of the book (or listen to the audio book) is necessary to understand more about the various types. Titles are deceptive. For instance, “Benevolent Rulers” are not necessarily the kings in this kingdom. Any of the twelve types can lead but the key is to learn who YOU are and then learn about those you work with or lead. When you do that, you can be much more successful in being productive and leading those around you. By the book’s end, the king is grasping the fundamentals and is already making a difference in his kingdom.

What I liked about “Kingdomality” is that the book was a brisk, fun read. As a pastor, I see great benefit in learning how to improve in communicating with my congregation. Aside from the funny titles and engaging narrative, the book provides real, applicable ideas that can be tailored to your work setting. As a bonus, you can go to the author’s website and take the Kingdomality Profile test to get a handle on your type and its strengths and weaknesses. You can take the test by clicking here. I tested as a “Dreamer-Minstrel” which suits me perfectly. My wife is most likely a “Doctor” and that gives me great insight on the way she thinks and how I can best communicate to her as her husband. When you get the basic ideas of the book incorporated into your life, it’s amazing how much benefit you can draw for such a little book.

I’ve studied many management forms and personality typing. This book was the first of it’s kind to bring a bit of lighthearted fun to the process while stressing that nobody can be pigeonholed into just one main type. Our tendencies will always be found in a type, but there are shades of grey in the typing that the author addresses.

The book was released in 2005 and is available both in print and audio versions. The audio version is quite entertaining as the book authors elected to produce the text as a dramatic performance with voice actors, music, and various sound effects. This was also a nice change from the standard reading of the text in many audio books.

I recommend this book to you. Of course, as a “Dreamer-Minstrel”, I’m expected to be quite upbeat and positive about all things so my review should logically focus on the positive aspects of this book and what benefits you can draw from it! You’ll figure that out after you read it! Have fun.

Book Review: Kingdomality

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