A Favorite Author of Mine

Author Terry Glaspey


I love to read. Many of my readers already know this. Between audio books, my book collection, and eBooks on my Sony Reader, I have hundreds of volumes in my collection. A few authors have spots as favorites on my shelf. One of those belongs to a man perhaps many haven’t heard of. Terry Glaspey. Glaspey is now an acquisitions manager for Harvest House Publishing in the state of Oregon. I first met Glaspey over 10 years ago when his book “Great Books of the Christian Tradition” was published by Harvest House. I had him on as a guest on my radio show and enjoyed the visit so much I had him back a few weeks later. He was interesting, well spoken, and thoughtful as a guest.

Over the years, Glaspey has written other books that I’ve enjoyed. His book on prayer, “Pathway to the Heart of God” , is excellent. His revised version of “Great Books..” is called “The Book Lover’s Guide to Great Reading” can be purchased used from Amazon is well worth the investment. Using the guide to help me select classic reading choices has greatly strengthened my own faith and given me a much broader perspective of Christianity through the ages. I have Glaspey to thank for that.

Most recently, I blogged about Glaspey’s pocket-sized “One Minute Bible Guide” which I’m planning to incorporate into the ministry of the church I pastor. What Glaspey’s does best is write for maximum comprehension. Some books I’ve read are what I would term difficult reads. That doesn’t make them bad but they require the reader to really take time with them, analyze them, and mine out the information in them. Glaspey’s books, while having depth, tend to be more easily digested on the first read.

If you are looking to pick up your reading as the holidays approach, I’d suggest picking up his guide and making some reading choices from it. You can’t go wrong reading a classic and Glaspey’s helpful reading lists and tips make the process even more enjoyable.

Have a great weekend.

A Favorite Author of Mine

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