Book Review: The Most Loving Place in Town

What if your church could catch a vision as being the most loving place in your town? Perhaps others have given you indications that this might not be the case in your congregation. In a nice little story, Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges share the story of a pastor and his elder who have both had epiphany moments in their ministries to take Beacon Hill Community Church in a new direction. A letter begins the transformation and a phone call from a departing member brings about a realistic look at many church situations that exist today. So many times, the church is about the programs, ministries, and busyness of being that it forgets about the basic reason for its initial formation.

The story is of course fictional and takes our main characters on an inward journey to identify what’s most important in their lives and the lives of those they lead. In the end, a new course for the church is charted and new blessings abound. In between, many of the all too familiar problems that plague churches crop up and are dealt with through the lens of this new direction.

“The Most Loving Place in Town” is an excellent story and is designed to challenge church leaders to make their churches the centers of love that Jesus calls them to be. I would have liked to have seen more pages included to add some finality to some of the story lines the characters enter into but that was not the book’s purpose. It was meant to be a short, fast moving story. I was able to finish the book in three days and still have time to review the study questions in the back.

You can read this as a stand alone book or include it as a study guide for a small group, leadership team retreat, etc. Blanchard and Hodges weave a nice tale in a short book. If you serve in church leadership in any form, I think you’ll like “The Most Loving Place in Town”!

Book Review: The Most Loving Place in Town

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