Free eBooks and More.

Godin's New eBook

Seth Godin has a new free eBook designed to spur your thinking about the future.  “What Matters Now” is available for download by clicking here. At first glance, it’s filled with insights from several authors and organized in a nice, readable format. It’s 82 pages total (read through a PDF reader) and worth your time as you look ahead to 2010. Check it out.

Another free eBook for you to check out during the holidays is the time management book “The Pomodoro Technique”. Download it here. Francesco Cirillo’s technique will help you get more done in less time by focusing on your to-do’s and not your “need to do” list. Execution is the key to any time management system. This book gives you that. It’s free so check it out.

If you love coffee as much as me, this post from I Need Coffee is worth the read. I think next year I will get into the hobby of trying to home roast some of my own beans myself! Then I can brew up a fresh cup and read my eBooks!

Have a great rest of the week!

Free eBooks and More.

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