Book Review: Read Your Bible One Book At A Time

For those who enjoy reading through the Bible each year I give you  new challenge. Try reading through Woodrow Kroll’s book “Read Your Bible One Book At A Time”  and then challenge yourself with a new reading plan in the coming year.

Kroll’s book is now nearly six years old but few have heard of it. I happened to find a copy when I was at a bookstore in Alabama on a business trip a few years back and have re-read it a few times since. The book is broken down into three sections. The first is Kroll’s encouragement to try this new way of reading scripture. He discusses both the benefits and challenges of such an idea. He also shares his own thoughts at trying this system out with others on staff at his popular “Back to the Bible” ministry. This part of the book is actually quite brief and you can read it in one sitting. The second section is a series of one page summaries of each book of the bible giving you a good backdrop of each book including the number of chapters and anticipated reading time if you sit down to read the entire book at once.

The third section of the book then presents you with several reading plans so you can actually track your progress through reading your bible one book at a time. There are one year, six month, and three month plans for you to choose from using the “book at a time” approach. Kroll then offers another plan that includes reading in half-hour segments a few times each week for those who can’t read for longer. He considers this a step down from the other plans but says it’s better than not picking up your bible at all.

It’s a pretty straightforward book with minimal fluff and lots of good information. If you’re a novice at reading through the scriptures, this might sound a bit challenging but I still recommend this as a way to get you started. “Read Your Bible One Book At A Time” is a nice book and with the new year just around the corner, it could be a new and refreshing way for you to read the scriptures again in 2010.

Book Review: Read Your Bible One Book At A Time

One thought on “Book Review: Read Your Bible One Book At A Time

  1. Dear Pastor Cheatham,

    The idea is certainly not new, but it is most important! People do need to read and study the Bible on a regular basis. They need to sink time into it to reap the fullest benefit and blessing!

    Thank you for your emphasis on the Scriptures.

    I just now made my first post to my own “Blog” at

    You are way ahead of me! I have not even figured out how to put space between paragraphs. Maybe you can tell me how to do that. That is why my first blog post is just one paragraph long.

    I wanted you to know, though, that you are my inspiration for trying to do it.

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