Book Review: The Pomodoro Technique Illustrated

I found Staffan Nöteberg’s book on the Pomodoro technique to be quite informative, fun, and full of useful information. For those who don’t know about this productivity technique. It’s based on integrating short burst of time with interval periods of recovery. You can read my review of the “Pomodoro Technique” book by Francesco Cirillo on this blog. The book by Cirillo is an introduction and is available as a free download. Nöteberg’s book builds on the strategy outlined by Cirillo by showing everyday uses of the technique.

Following several posts on Time Management, many would ask if the Pomodoro Technique is it’s own system? I would say yes and no. You could use the technique by itself and be profitable with it but the Pomodoro technique is really an execution technique that can be integrated into ANY time management system. What Nöteberg’s book does is give you common sense, practical ideas to use it in many different settings. I especially liked his explanation of using the system in teams so that project work can get done in a more efficient manner. I also had to appreciate his variation of the technique using index cards. As one who has a love for the cards myself, I smiled when I read about how he set up his “deck” of cards to get work done.

For those who know nothing of this system, it’s name was derived by Cirillo’s use of a tomato shaped timer (Pomodoro is it’s Italian name) to help him focus his work. A “Pomodoro” in this system is a 25 minute window of focused work followed by five minutes of recovery to let your brain go free for a bit. After four pomodoros, you are given a bit longer rest to break up the “set”. It really focuses on how your brain works and processes information.

The wonderful thing about Nöteberg’s book is that it is available in a variety of formats. You can purchase it as a PDF download, an ePub file for your Sony Reader or popular eReader devices, or as a paperback book. You will find the humor and practical information to be an easy read and the ideas presented by Nöteberg to be doable and easy to integrate into your current system.

For many, the execution of a task is the hardest part of being productive. “The Pomodoro Technique Illustrated” gives you hands on, real world experience to make it work for you. You can purchase the book online and best yet, you can follow the author on Twitter and he will be glad to answer any further questions you have. I give high marks for the book and recommend it for your library.  Remember though, the “Pomodoro Technique” book is different from this. You can download that book for free as a starter and then read Nöteberg’s book as a follow up for clarification. It’s worth the investment.

Book Review: The Pomodoro Technique Illustrated

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