Preparing to Win!

Are you ready for a great success today? I think many times we forego positive thoughts because somehow we feel it is a step towards being a narcissistic jerk. If we truly plan for success and focus our energies on it, we might come across the wrong way. Preparing to win simply means that we focus on the good things we can do to aid in our goal achievement. Many things are outside of our control but the things we can control are much more numerous than we sometimes think. Planning to win means adopting a mindset that you will be victorious and you will keep working hard to do what it is you’ve set out to do.

As a Christian, my mindset is that God has promised to bless my efforts as they focus on His glory and His Lordship in my life. That’s a long way from being a self-centered egomaniac. The book of Romans tells me to focus on the things of God. When I do, my mind (and thus my thinking) is renewed (Romans 12:2). When I do that, success will occur (Joshua 1:8). This doesn’t mean I’ll be filthy rich or that I will have every toy my heart desires, but it does mean I will learn to be content and that God’s work in me will sustain me. I truly believe that and have seen it at work many times in people’s lives. The spiritual element added to common sense planning and goal setting, put together a tremendous tandem that focuses your thinking, gives you energy to succeed, and to give the glory of your successes to God so that others will know where your attitude and sustenance come from.

The reality of life is that negative things will develop on their own. People disappoint us, we make a mistake that puts us at further distance from our goals, some unforseen disaster nails us (the car breaks down), or a health problem crops up. It could be many things but if we focus only on what could happen rather that what we can do to make positive things happen, we will undoubtedly be unhappy and unsatisfied with life. The biblical book of Ecclesiastes tells us to stay focused and not be lazy (Ecc. 10:19) and that the good things we do may come up void but some will not (11:6). The key is to pray through our goals, lay out our plan, give it to God, and prepare to win!

What are you doing now to prepare to win?

Preparing to Win!

One thought on “Preparing to Win!

  1. Good article. We need to constantly focus on being positive. We can also make sure to be forgiving, encouraging, and not to cause strife. That also helps with a positive outlook.

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