Who Do People See?

How we present ourselves to others says a lot about our character. In business, this can be a win or lose situation as first impressions really do mean something. Even in our private lives, the energy we give off around others is infectious. Negative energy is easy to spot, easy to infect us if we let it, and HARD to get rid of. Positive energy on the other hand, gives those around you a boost, even if they are being negative. Everyone has “down” times. Don’t confuse those with being negative. Negative people tend to always find the wrong in something or find excuses for not being able to achieve what they want in life. There’s always someone else to blame and a viable reason for their despair. For certain there are times when things happen that are negative and can bring us down but our reaction to those things and the actions we take to come out of the “tailspin” will say a lot to others about our mettle.

The biblical book of Romans gives us some ideas of where the negativity can come from. In Romans 6:12 Paul writes for us to keep our thoughts on God and not focus on sinful things that can reign in our bodies. It’s easy for us to dismiss this thought and say it doesn’t apply to us but sin can take many forms. Are the decisions we are making now focusing more on ourselves regardless of others? Can those decisions come back to haunt us? Are we focused on achieving the right way or are we willing to break a few small rules to move ahead quicker? These types of things will bring us to a road that can lead us away from success and toward negative feelings. Once in our system, the negativity can morph into narcissism that results in others seeing us differently. Our body language changes. Our focus is not on the right things but on the wrong things. People around us may even tell us it’s okay but it’s not. When we focus on serving others and helping them to achieve their goals and dreams it’s amazing how our own plans seem to advance exponentially.

So what type of body language to people see when they visit with you? Are you giving off an air of success or failure? You and you alone control this most important facet of your life. Choose wisely!

Who Do People See?

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