Product Review: “How to Make Every Sunday Like Easter””

For my Christian readers I ask this question. What if every Sunday at your church had the anticipation of Easter? The annual momentum that you feel each April built in to other Sundays on your church calendar! Bob Franquiz and his “Church Strategies” resource arm has recently released a new CD set with essentially that title.

In this 3 CD set, you are given some ideas for capitalizing on other Sundays through the year to make them special and give your church a boost in reaching others and inviting them to worship. Franquiz lays the groundwork for planning such events and even has a list of some Sundays you may want to avoid on your calendar. He outlines his own church experience with planning events, making your own holiday, recognizing dates in your unique church history, and how outreach events as simple as “Hot Dog Day” can be a boost to reaching others in your community.

At the end, Franquiz gives you at least one Sunday each month that you could use as a “big” Sunday to reach others. Planning like this takes time and effort and it’s not something you want to throw together in one day. To that end, Franquiz includes a checklist that he uses to plan his outreach Sundays but encourages you to alter it as you see fit.

The third CD in the set is a resource CD with some examples of artwork, forms, and other planning tools that you can use to plan your days. In all, you get a lot of information in a very small package and I can appreciate it. There were some new ideas I had not considered and am already at work implementing those ideas into our sermon calendar for later this year.

This is a nice resource and worth your investment. You can purchase it through Church Strategies and Franquiz gives you a complete guarantee to return your money if you do not like it. There’s still plenty of time to plan for this year. Give yourself some fresh ideas by listening to “How to Make Every Sunday Like Easter”.

Product Review: “How to Make Every Sunday Like Easter””

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