Zoho Mail – A Gmail Alternative

Zoho Mail - Professional Looking and Smooth!

Recently, I went looking for a new email account to replace one that I had been using for a while. The company hosting the account had switched to a new interface that I found clunky and difficult to manage not to mention the amount of spam I was getting. I looked at several options but settled on a new company I had just recently found called ZOHO.

Zoho mail is just one of a number of products available at Zoho.com. Once you establish an account, you can try a number of products at Zoho including a full office suite comparable to Google Docs. I’ll focus on the email here though since that’s what I was looking for.

Zoho mail has all the features you would want in an email program including various folders, filters, and labels. It integrates with the rest of the Zoho suite and is fast and easy to use. Another nice feature is that it has an iGoogle gadget you can use to place your inbox right on your desktop (provided you use iGoogle). This is a nice feature for me since I have a regular routine for checking my emails. Similar services like Netvibes have gadgets as well for checking your Zoho account.

Zoho is ad free too which is another nice feature of the service. It certainly is as good an email service as you can find on the net. I’ve been very pleased in my use of it so far. If you’re looking for an alternative to Gmail or if you simply need another quality email account, I would highly recommend Zoho for it’s speed, ease of use, ad free service, and quality!

Zoho Mail – A Gmail Alternative

4 thoughts on “Zoho Mail – A Gmail Alternative

    1. Hi, Are you still using Zoho mail? Would you still recommend it or have you found anything better. I really don’t want to use Gmail. Thanks. Best wishes, Nigel at Postcard Cafe wordpress blog

  1. Thanks for the review. I’ve been actively looking for a good free gmail alternative and Zoho is one I have on my short list. I do have 3 great paid e-mails at bluefrog.com (they even have a free version, but I pay for certain conveniences) with amazing spam filters, security and privacy, but I need free email for other less personal stuff.

    In fact, I’m looking for alternatives to Google’s multiple products (details in my blog) and have even migrated my blog over to WordPress from Blogger and have switched my search engine to DuckDuckGo.com (ddg.gg). It’s a good start, and I appreciate your recommendation.

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