Tools for eBook Lovers

A Sample Screen from the "Calibre" software program

The growing ebook market continues to add new and exciting tools to expand your enjoyment of the digital bibliosphere! One of the new tools I want to share with you today is the “Calibre” software program.

Calibre is the result of ebook lovers uniting to put together an all in one software program that makes managing your growing ebook library more seamless. As you can see by the screen shot at right, Calibre organizes your books a number of ways including self-made tags that you can assign to your book files to better organize your ebooks. I’ve just recently begun working with the program and am highly impressed by the development so far. The program allows you to import ebook files from any number of sources and convert them if necessary to files used by your reader device.

You begin by setting up your device with Calibre. All the major ebook readers are supported here including the new Kobo reader by Borders. Once you’ve set up your device, you can import your book files into Calibre and begin organizing your library. Another nice feature of this software program is a feed setup area so you can also download the latest news from popular sites like the New York Times. You can then convert the news feeds to file formats your reader can easily use and add those files to your reader before you take off for the day. Now you can set up a bank of files on your reader for popular magazines, newspapers, and blogs and read them on the go! This all encompassing type of program is exactly what is needed to make eReaders even more mainstream.

One other feature to note here is the file conversion included in Calibre. What does this mean? It means that just about any ebook style of format can be converted into formats usable by your reader device. This also allows for you to take your writings and convert them to ebook formats. As a pastor, I could see myself taking printed materials I develop and offering them to my congregation as ebook files for their readers. Bible study books could soon be delivered in ebook format and I could even take my sermon notes and convert them for my Sony Reader so I could essentially preach without any paper notes whatsoever. Businesses could similarly offer ebook files to their employees for a number of uses and schools and colleges could offer their syllabi and related notes to students instantly in ebook format. Another potential benefit as I stated in my post on the Borders Kobo is that books can be purchased from various ebookstores and collaborated in one place for one device. Again, this should drive the price of ebooks down and provide competition for all of the sellers of ebooks.

There are many other features with Calibre. The site has a nice demonstration video showcasing these features for you to see in action. The best part is Calibre is FREE. Donations for future development are accepted and if you use the software to its extent, I would think a donation is in order. It’s one of the ways we can put quality open-source software in the hands of users.  You can download the Calibre software by CLICKING HERE.

Tools for eBook Lovers

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