PDF eBook Cost

I’ve been reading a number of blogs of late that are recommending new ebooks in PDF form for purchase. From the reviews, it looks like good stuff too but when I click on the link, the books are selling for between $25-$30! Note to the authors…PDF books are meant to be more affordable for you to publish through a system like PayPal and easier on the pocketbook. I don’t have a problem paying for quality. I’ve bought several PDF ebooks and plan to buy more but really, $25-$30? Most books in the local bookstore aren’t selling for that.
You want word of mouth advertising. You want a viral marketing effort. You want to see your product in the hands of as many folks as possible so re-think the cost threshold that people are willing to pay in this burgeoning market.  Keep it at about $15 and you’ll get most buyers who are interested. Put it at $9.99 and watch it soar! I would buy many more PDF ebooks at that price and not click away from the site. If you sell 10-15 books a day at $25 great…that’s $250-$325 in sales but put that book at $9.99 and sell a hundred files and you’ve banked $999! Not only that, but they are likely blog writers (like me) and they’ll tell others who will buy the book who might never have found you otherwise.
Just a thought! If you’re an author of a PDF ebook, I’d love to have some feedback on this.

PDF eBook Cost

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