Iced Coffee On The Go!

If you like iced coffee on a hot summer day but hate paying the high prices most coffee shops are charging now, I’ve got a quick solution I’ll share with you in just a moment. As summer approaches, I enjoy taking an iced coffee with me when I go out to study or just to have on the go when I’m working. This week, I stopped into a favorite coffee shop and my price for a simple cup of iced coffee (small) was $2.47! Most places are over $2 now for a cup so I began making my own for a fraction of the price. Here’s how I do it:

I start by making a batch of Toddy cold coffee concentrate. You can buy a Toddy brewer at any Borders bookstore or order them online. Once the concentrate is made, it’s easy to make your own iced coffees. For ease of use, I purchase bottled water than I chill in my refrigerator. When you’re ready for an iced coffee, simply take one of your bottles out of the fridge, drink about 30% of the water in it and then refill it with some of your concentrate and any syrups or cream you like with your iced coffee. Most times I just drink it black but occasionally I like to add a bit of cream and toffee nut syrup in mine. Shake the bottle and you’re off! When you’re done, recycle the bottle and you’re good to go. Syrup flavors are in abundance now at most grocery stores so if you’re one of those hazelnut-mocha types, you can fix one yourself on the cheap. You could use hot brewed coffee that you chill but the concentrate from the Toddy is so much easier to store and use. A batch of coffee concentrate from the Toddy lasts two weeks so you could make a bundle of cold drinks with it. I use a lighter roast, breakfast blend type coffee for the batches and it’s very convenient.
Give it a try and tell me what you think.
Iced Coffee On The Go!

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