Book Review – It’s All Too Much

I recently re-read Peter Walsh’s 2007 book “It’s all too Much” as I began to put together a plan to de-clutter several rooms of our home. The idea behind the book is that clutter affects every area of our lives, including our health! Walsh argues for simplicity in our living space focusing on only the things we really want to keep and not hanging on to every bit of “stuff” in our homes because of an emotional attachment.

The book has a brief introduction that explains the reasons behind Walsh’s advice. It then breaks down your home by zones and then rooms, focusing on de-cluttering each area in a specific time frame and giving yourself some “down” time so the task doesn’t seem so overwhelming. Breaking down your living space this way, makes the task at hand seem much more manageable. Afterwards, Walsh gives advice for keeping your home clutter free and at the end, he includes a year long plan that allows you to stay on top of the clutter before it returns to your home.
The book is available in all major formats including eBook and audio book.  At just under 200 pages, it shouldn’t take you that long to tackle it and put together an action plan to clean up your living space. This is a great book to read to give you that extra push to get you moving to simplify your life and bring more happiness to your days. I recommend it to you if you are one of those who just gets overwhelmed by “stuff”!
Book Review – It’s All Too Much

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