The Big Six

Getting things done is truly a matter of execution. Whatever your field, whatever the task, you MUST take action to move forward. I go back and forth trying new ideas I read about or that friends share with me but in the end, if you’re not actually DOING things, then you’re just playing around and gain nothing.

If you search the “productivity” category in this blog, you’ll find many ideas to try. For me though, it boils down to basics. We must plan out larger projects and goals but then what? Find action items and DO THEM. Try this idea if you’re looking to get started..

My Graphing Index Cards
My Office Depot Graphing Index Cards

Find something to write on. For me, the index card at right is my take along card.

Then, list the top six things you need to do today. It could be phone calls, errands, work related (of course), or other things.

Now, prioritize the list from 1 to 6 so that you have the most important task of your day at hand.

Work on that task until its done and then cross it off and move to the next item.

You’ll be surprised at how much more you’ll achieve and how much better you’ll feel knowing you’re moving forward. This type of idea works when you plan out your larger projects into manageable tasks that move you toward your goals.

Easy, simple, and cheap! Now go get moving.

The Big Six

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