Being a Better Twitterer!

Image by: Rosaura Ochoa

Earlier this week, I wrote a column about my Twitter use in regards to those I follow. Today, I want to give you some ideas to consider in the content that YOU put out as one of many people in the Twitterverse (assuming you have a Twitter account and are using it!). Much if what I include here are ideas I’ve gotten from others I follow and from my own experience using Twitter for a couple of years.

When Twittering about your personal life, tweet the angles. This was an idea first stated by Pastor and Christian Leader Ed Stetzer and it makes perfect sense. People who follow you don’t mind hearing about your life but it’s the uniqueness of WHAT you post that will make it stand out. Be thoughtful in what you post and consider it from the angle of what your followers see.  There’s no real style guide here but consider others when posting about your personal adventures.

Find useful ideas or products and Tweet about those. I’ve made several purchases through recommendations of those I follow on Twitter. Sometimes, I wasn’t even looking for a product but a friend posted a link about a unique item he purchased and before you knew it, I was ordering one too.

This same line of thinking works with web tools and unique stories you read about. Share those. Just recently, a Twitter friend of mine posted a link to a unique service that feeds Twitter post replies to your cellphone as a text message. This is great for me since I do not use a smartphone and a data plan. Many Twitter tools assume you have an iPhone or similar device and there are still many folks who do not. I would not have heard about this tool had my friend not posted it. When I choose to follow someone, I look for things like this that add value to my time.

The last thing is promote other people. Twitter makes it easy to retweet something you find that is useful. Take the few seconds to do this. It adds value to your followers and it promotes the other person who may get new followers from your retweet. If I find several useful posts in my Twitter streams, I schedule them ahead of time rather than forget about them. Tools like HootSuite allow you to schedule tweets later in the day. I use that ability to promote others to my followers.

You can use Twitter in a variety of ways from promoting your blog to sharing a great recipe. The idea is to look for value in all that you post. Give people a reason to want to follow you and let others know about you. Do this and your followers will increase steadily.

Being a Better Twitterer!

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