Single Cup Coffee Brewing

Single cup coffee brewing seems to be the rage these days. The Keurig brand of coffee maker is all over the stores just in time for holiday shopping but at a price tag running in the hundreds of dollars (not to mention the expense of the “k-cups” coffee the machine requires), many folks will take a pass because of the high price.

There is an alternative. A MUCH cheaper alternative. The Melitta “Ready-Set-Joe” device allows you to brew a great cup of coffee with no mess and easy cleanup for pennies! The video above is from a YouTube user and is a simple demonstration of how the device works. I purchased one in black at a local supermarket for around $2.50. Filters can be purchased at Wal-Mart for less than 2-cents per filter! Of course, you can buy them online as well for the added cost of the shipping but the savings over the expensive Keurig machine is substantial.

To use the device, place it on top of any type of mug, add your filter and the coffee of your choice (roughly 1 tablespoon per 6 ounces) and you are ready to go. Boil some water (or microwave it if that if your preference) and pour it over the grounds in a circular motion to ensure all grounds are used and to extract maximum flavor.

I’ve used the “Ready-Set-Joe” on my favorite mug that I drink from at home or my travel mug. With this system, you use whatever mug you like and whatever coffee you enjoy. The coffee it makes is very good. Another benefit of this type of device is storage. Once you are done brewing your coffee, you simply toss the filter with the grounds, rinse out the device (it is top rack dishwasher safe too), and put it away. It takes up as much space in your cabinet as a coffee cup and you don’t have to worry about taking up more counter space with yet another electric appliance.

If single cup coffee makers appeal to you but you’re not ready to plunk out the dollars for one of those expensive machines, do what I did and go cheap and get better coffee in the process! I give a big thumbs up to the Melitta “Ready-Set-Joe” for price, performance, and convenience.

Single Cup Coffee Brewing

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