Audiobook Review: R.C. Sproul’s “Justification by Faith Alone”

In this well organized audiobook, R.C. Sproul does a fine job of presenting the Reformed Protestant view of Justification by Faith Alone. In his examination of this topic, he compares the Roman Catholic view of justification and highlights the differences between the two. The audiobook wastes little time getting to the debate and ample scriptural evidence is given to support Sproul’s view.

Since the Protestant Reformation, the view of justification has been hotly debated and I doubt we will see a resolution in our lifetime. Both sides have a long history and hundreds of years honing their apologetic on this crucial topic. As Christians, it’s imperative that we understand the views on this issue and the basis for each one. Sproul’s presentation here is outstanding and I appreciated the author’s ability to put a lot of information in my hands in a shorter amount of time. It would have been easy to fill the audiobook with reams of stories from the past and then add the meat of the discussion. Instead, Sproul highlights his points, gives his scriptural basis for it, and invites you to analyze. Regardless of your view on this issue, this is a good presentation of the author’s convictions on this topic.

A book like this can easily get dry and boring but narrator Sean Runnette does a superb job of voice inflection where it’s needed without a lot of overkill. His warm, clear-spoken delivery made this an easy listen.

I would like to thank the “Reviewers Program” from Christian Audio for allowing me to listen and review this work.

Audiobook Review: R.C. Sproul’s “Justification by Faith Alone”

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